Lucky 4 Cash® Jackpot is contemporary jackpot system, which allows connection to a local network of gaming machines of "Gaming Technologies" and slot machines to other companies through additional hardware. All related slot machines involved in the accumulation and distribution of additional jackpot wins in real time. The jackpot allows flexibility in connecting a wide range of slot machines to local or progressive mystery jackpot using industry-standard SAS protocol.

Lucky 4 Cash® is a 4-step progressive jackpot multimedia animation and bonus screen. Supports up to 8 different independent jackpot systems, each of which is connected to a different group of gaming machines.

Each of the 8 jackpot systems supported Mystery, Progressive, monthly, weekly, daily and for a specific time.

The four levels can be configured in various ways - for example:

- A Progressive and Three Mysteries.
- A Progressive, One Day and Two mysteries.
- Four Mysteries, etc.

Related system machines accumulate a certain percentage of each bet the players in the four levels. Periodicalвy the jackpot server randomly selects any active machine after completing the current game, the player wins the amount accrued.
      The innovative concept of the product includes the availability of thematic storyline visualized by attractive multimedia animations, which flows on the bonus screen and jackpot display. Jackpot boards provide an excellent opportunity a product to be excellent in a memorable way of remaining in the gaming room.