Server-based gaming, or SBG, is a solution employed by video lotteries and casinos to operate Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) and Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs). An SBG system includes a central system and gaming terminals which connect to the central system.
SBG systems differentiate themselves from other types of video lottery and casino systems by centralizing both game logic and Random number generation.
A Server-Based System (SBS) is the combination of an on-site Central Server, Player Terminals, and all Interface Elements (any device or piece of equipment that communicates with or through which data is transmitted to the system) that function collectively for the purpose of downloading Player Terminal Game Content from the Central Server to the Player Terminals.
Frequently mentioned benefits of SBG include:
•    Multi-channel gaming, which allows players to access games on other platforms as well, such as mobile phones for example.
•    Linked gaming content, support for wide area multiplayer and progressive jackpots.
•    Instant access to any game available in an operator’s catalogue.
•    Lower hardware, software and maintenance costs for game terminals, due to their thin client nature.
•    Real-time monitoring of game terminal status and game transactions.
•    Higher security, since the RNG and game logic can’t be manipulated at individual game terminals.
•    More control – software, hardware and peripherals can be disabled if digital signature verification fails.
•    Responsible gaming features that require advanced monitoring capabilities.
•    Reduced risk of piracy, since only the client components of games are stored locally in game terminals.